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All our wines are fermented in glazed cement vats and go back to them after being drawn off, until being bottled.This is how our viticulture expert and oenologist Cristina Luisi sees the whole operation:

“When I go into the winery for the drawing off I always feel as if I were in a small room where I imagine wine is, the fruit of mother earth: I can sense it growing, maturing, and, as it were, undergoing a removal at every decanting,leaving behind all that is no longer needed so as to start on a new vital cycle…” C. Luisi.

“When the wine is ready, it is bottled and the space suddenly becomes smaller, but this doesn’t prevent it from staying alive and when someone is lucky enough to uncork it, all of a sudden, its secret, well kept in the darkness of a cellar, comes to light and the wine wants to talk , and its loquaciousness is explosive…” (Cristina Luisi)

This is what we can say about

our wines

, simply made from pressed Sangiovese,Colorino, and very small quantities of Chianti Malvasia nera, Syrah and Cabernet Sauvignon grapes.We add small quantities of sulphur to the fermenting and evolving must because sulphur brings spirits: it is this element which acts as an intermediary between the spiritual and the physical worlds, as Steiner used to say, and it is not only an antifungus, antioxider and antimicrobic protection. According to us, the addition of sulphur is not a demon to exorcise but rather an ally which brings information to the fruit of earth. The total quantity does not exceed 60 mg per litre.

These are our wines:

genuine and delicate

, shy and introvert at times or open and loquacious . The changes are due to their vitality. The bottle is not a sarcophagus but a second womb where the essence of days of labour, tears, sweat, laughter, anxiety and lightheartedness has been kept. Wine does not follow a recipe or a protocol. Our cellarman, Davide Pinzi, with his 20 years experience tries not to interfere with the

wine’s natural evolution

, as one would do with a child who must make his way through life, and yet must always be followed with the greatest care and attention.

This is how we like to talk about our wine.

Our wines

Tuscan white wine

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