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The story

At the end of the thirties,Vittorio Casanova, a dynamic businessman from the North of Italy, thought it would be wise to buy a house in the country where his family could take shelter in case of an outbreak of war. He fell in love with a small estate not far from Florence: the encompassing view over the neighbouring hills was absolutely magnificent. He didn’t know that the place was part of the Paula line, last line of defence South of Florence: as the Allies were moving North in 1944, the Germans occupied the house and heavy fighting with bombing and casualties ensued. With the war over,Vittorio and his family returned, damages were repaired and a happy time of long summer holidays with friends and relatives followed.

Everybody enjoyed helping in picking grapes , the children loved hunting frogs in the brook and being so close to Florence there was no end to passionate visits to churches and museums… and to shopping sprees. But there was a shortage of water problem, in spite of the many deep wells that were dug.

The neighbouring estate had a spring where people used to come for water,so when its owner, the nice old American lady in the

historical villa

passed away, Vittorio had no choice but to buy the whole lot, with the fields,

the vineyards and the winery

that were already well known for their production of the

Montanine Chianti wine

Now we follow in grandpa’s footsteps. From our 7 ha of vineyard and our 3000 olive trees we try to obtain what best nature can give us. Some vineyards and some olive groves lie in the northern areas of the estate while others lie in the southern areas thereby making it possible, over the years, to obtain well balanced products.
We trust the earth and its gifts. At the farm, we all cooperate so as to bring to the wine that which we have in our hearts: our land. It is lovely to feel in unison with the 4 ruling elements that surround us.

The villa

Villa Montanine has been part of the borough of Galluzzo for centuries: it now has the appearance of a XVIIth century mansion but one can guess that it is much older. Since the XIVth c . written documents refer to it and to the famous Florentine families to whom it once belonged.

Good Tuscan red wine

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